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Behind the scenes with drag kings and queens

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Photo by Emily Moses

On the night of Thursday, April 6, drag kings and queens rushed around a makeshift green room at Carroll Knicely Conference Center. Rectangular tables and colorful mirrors lined the room’s tan walls. Plastic wrap covered the room’s geometric carpet to protect it from the flying powder of the performers’ makeup. As they pinned their wigs, contoured their cheekbones and tied their corsets, the performers exchanged stories about their experiences with drag.

“It was the biggest crowd I’d played to until Bowling Green Pride,” Joshua Finn said of last year’s show. Finn, 28, is a Fall 2017 WKU alumnus also known by his drag name Geneva LaDiva.

Ivy Parsons, a Sulphur Well senior, said last year’s show was her first time ever performing in drag. Parsons performs as her drag king alter ego Dick Sterling.

“It was terrifying and awesome,” she said as she styled her short, black wig.

It was 7 p.m. and just an hour away from the start of the fourth annual WKU Drag Show sponsored by Housing and Residence Life.

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